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Welcome In Store

Hello~! We are Cream of Creams. Your dairy product suppliers.
We are here to provide you your yummy easy baking solution, cooking solution, ready to eat meals/soups, and more~!
FRESHLY, Deliciously convenient.

Ready to Eat Soups

Fresh Cream Soups ranging from the classic cream of mushroom soup, to Cream of Salmon Soup <3

Bakery Ingredients

From fresh mascarpone, fresh sour cream, fresh cooking cream, to fresh cheesecake base. …and more~!

Ready to Eat Meals

Fresh Meals, ranging from Mac and Cheese, pasta carbonara, spaghetti bolognese

Gusto Dolce

Fresh bakery ingredients <3
Mascarpone cheese, sour cream made with fresh milk, fresh cooking cream, whipping cream, and more~!
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Hello~! <3

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