Cream of Creams’ Journey

Started with passion, continue with innovation, backed with creative ideas, and now, evolving into the digital era.

March 2000, Cream of Creams (CoC) commenced manufacturing of recombined dairy product.

Gradually it launched innovative products that allowed their customers to reduce their production costs, save them time, reduced labour costs and provide more convenience.


In 2003, CoC introduced the chilled soft serve ice cream mixes.


In 2010, the foundation was laid for the production of soups, sauces, mash potato, pasta sauces.

For many years IKEA was our major customer of those, but all changed with the arrival of the Covid.


In 2020, the plandemic destroyed almost the entire hospitality and food service business. CoC had to locate a new market segment, we call it the “home industry”.


In 2021, CoC successfully developed entire new products for the home industry, actually world premiere, we are the creator of the One and ONLY in the whole market-: the Ready-to-Bake cheesecake bases. It has never been easier for housewives to bake a nice yummy cheesecake, either for their family, friends, or even to sell.


CoC is now building their future on these unique products for the ‘home industry’ market, both for the Malaysian as well as overseas markets. In addition CoC introduced a wide range of convenience products for the consumer, like fresh soups, sauces, pasta sauces, meals, and more!

We modernized our marketing efforts and are embarking on online sales and e-commerce.

CoC will not ignore their customers in the food service industry and are always prepared to produce and supply customized products.

The Founder

[Hans Faasse]

With over 35 years of experience in the dairy industry under his belt, Hans realized South East Asia held great potential for an innovative manufacturer and founded Cream of Creams (M) Sdn Bhd.

Through his relentless enthusiasm and product creativity Hans continually strives to inspire and educate his teams in the art of producing innovative fresh products.

Besides his appetite for work, Hans has a passion for reading and writing. He has authored two maritime novels; they are exceptionally romantic stories from the days that sailing was still exciting.

They are available as e-book: (

  • Love on the high seas
  • Stranded on St Lucia