Freshly made | Soups | Meals
Real food, real ingredients | extra convenience

You can now have a convenient yet delicious,
home cook quality meal, restaurant quality meal,
in just 3 minutes <3

Freshly made soups and meals
Comes in a microwavable tub/pouch.



Cream of Creams has been making delicious, hearty soups for years~!
And it has always been well loved <3

Same as the rest of our products, these rich, creamy soups are made with fresh ingredients and fresh herbs.

Cream Soups ranging from Cream of Mushroom soup, Cream of Corn soup,
to Cream of Salmon soup,
to our very own Pumpkin Tom Yum Soup,
Cowboy/Cowgirl soup.
…and more!

Expand your palate and enjoy these variations of savory soup, sweet soup, and spicy soup.


We make the pasta + we make the sauce = The truly freshly made meals <3

Yes, we make the pasta too~!

Whether if you fancy a mushroom spaghetti, a creamy carbonara pasta,
a cheezy mac and cheese,
or a classic spaghetti bolognese.
We have it~!

We have a very yummy pasta carbonara salmon, with smoked salmon.



250g | Single serving
Packed in a microwavable soup cup, heat up in the microwave.


1kg | 3 – 4 person
Packed in pouch,
heat up in a bowl (microwave)
or just heat it up in a pan.

All you need is 3 minutes~!

Your meal is ready!

Our Ready to Eat range of products comes in a frozen soups/frozen meals form. We make the soups/meals freshly, and then froze it for convenience purposes. In it’s frozen state, you can store it in your freezer for up to 1 year.

Crave for soups/meals which is not in our range yet?