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We offer you your food solution by customizing your desired products for you.
Either you have a desired recipe in mind, or you would like to work out a unique recipe with us.
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**For B2B/Oem ONLY

Customized products (Dairy, mixed or non-dairy)

Using innovative technology, we can produce or develop customized products for your business under a controlled environment, delivering consistent food quality.

Serving both Malaysia and Export markets, we are proud to present ourselves as a food manufacturer with over 20 years of food manufacturing.

Our Food OEM including:
– sauces –
– soups –
– mashed potatoes –
– pre-cooked pasta –
– ice cream mix –
– pasteurised milk for cooking (heat stable milk) –

Food Solution with the main benefits below:

Cost savings

We buy many raw materials in bulk at bulk prices, hence we can offer you your half product at very attractive prices, making the ”Make or Buy” decision a no brainer!

Bulk Packing / Individual Packing

For large F&B businesses, by opting for customized packaging you also save greatly on waste and time!

Here is a real life example for you: A customers of ours produces cream sauce in large quantities in their central kitchen, instead of having to open a multitude of 1 liter TETRA packs, they now simply open one large customized pouch from us, proceed in far less time & cost!

While for Food Retailer, convenience is the king, we offer individual packs, all you need to do is just to reheat portion at your outlet.

Avoiding large investments in equipment

Increasing your productivity

Any batch production process will have it’s bottle necks costing you time and money. We provide companies the opportunity to outsource part of their production process to save them time, money & increase their effective output capacity.

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Where to Buy

*For businesses/ bulk orders, kindly contact us for more info.



*For businesses/ bulk orders, kindly contact us for more info.

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