Cowboy Soup (Chicken/Beef)

Want something rich and different?
Try our specials: Fresh Cowboy soup (Available in: Beef/Chicken).

Comes in a microwavable tub, just heat it up in microwave and enjoy~!

*Contact us for Net Weight 1kg Cowboy Soup (Chicken/Beef)


Our specials: Fresh Cowboy Soup.

Discover Cream of Creams’ specials: Vintage soup that warm your tummy <3
Our very own wild west hearty and savory soup
Available in 2 types, cowboy beef – cowboy chicken

OH my…Heavenly Soups!

Ready to Eat Soups, bringing you the yumminess, and the extra convenience.

Get a homemade quality/restaurant quality soup in just 3 minutes!
Freshly made, then froze for convenience. Comes in a microwavable tub/pouch, just heat it up and enjoy~!

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Tub: Microwavable
Pouch: Pour soup out of the pouch, heat up in a bowl or a pan
For detailed instruction, please read “Application/Recipes” section

Application / Recipes

Application / Recipes

Instruction for use:


(Frozen / Thawed): Put soup in a microwavable bowl, heat it up in the microwave. Or heat it up in pan

Where to Buy

Where to Buy

Right here on our website with secured checkout.

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  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Klang Valley
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*For businesses/ bulk orders, kindly contact us for more info.



Frozen soup can be stored up to 1 year in the freezer.

Additional information

Cream of Creams


Tub / Pouch

Net Weight

250g, 1 kg